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Who is Tim Goodin?

Tim is a "Son of Appalachia," a self-taught Country Musician and Singer/Songwriter.  He writes the songs that he has lived his entire life. From the Coal Mines of East Kentucky to the Sand and Gravel Pits of Central Alabama, Tim's Blue Collar mentality presents itself through his music. 

He grew up in a middle class blue collar family. His dad is a Heavy Equipment Mechanic and his Mom was the Food Service Director at Pineville Independent Schools, where Tim Graduated.  

Tim began his working career following in his family's footsteps, working full time in the Coal industry. This is where him and his wife Leanna first started writing Songs together, putting the stories (life experience) he heard from his coworkers and friends to music. 

Tim said: " People ask me, "where do you get the ideas for some of your songs?" I tell them, you just have to pay attention, we're surrounded by an awesome culture, listen and you will hear songs every where, in every conversation."


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